Core Competency

RebornPlas is the pioneer in the recycled plastic material industry and supplies recycled nylon all over the world.
Through traceable product material and vertical integration production technology, we conduct comprehensive management regarding the quality of materials. In addition, we maintain inventory supply stability and provide the most competitive prices; therefore effectively implement recycled nylon waste into manufacture applications.

From the Highest Quality Raw Material Pellets, and Recycled Plastic to Composite Materials That Meet a Wide Range of Applications, Our Products Are Able to Meet All Types of Market Needs.
We Are Your Technological Support for the Practice of the Circular Economy.

Vertically-integrated manufacturing line

With a production line that ranges from raw to composite material manufacturing, we provide our clients with assuring, high quality recycled nylon and flexible customization services.

From quality control of raw materials source, monitoring of the recycling manufacture process, segregation of plastic pellets based on physical properties through testing instruments, to producing composite materials, our vertically-integrated manufacturing line allows us to carry out strict checks on every stage of production and offer excellent traceability in providing our clients with products of stable and reliable quality.
  • Discarded Fishing Nets

    Start from waste generated by consumption.

  • Recycling Manufacture Process

    Undergoes a recycling manufacture process
    (segregating → washing → cutting → melting)

  • Raw Material Pellets

    Transform waste into recycled plastic material pellets.

  • Modified Plastic

    Plastic modification to meet the needs of various applications.

Superior Quality


Strict Quality Control Process

Comprehensive quality monitoring can be achieved through our professional instruments, inspection personnel and testing methods; a complete quality control process: Incoming Quality Control Input Process Quality Control (Self-inspection of the manufacturing process and quality control inspection) Final Quality Control.

Permanent Traceability and Analysis

By establishing a cloud database and using an ERP system, we keep a detailed record of the sources of materials used in every batch of products as well as the quality control process, thereby achieving permanent traceability and analysis of materials.

Quality Certifications

  • Acquired the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.
  • All materials are compliant with the EU REACH regulations.
  • All materials are compliant with the EU RoHS regulations.
  • Acquired the GRS(Global Recycled Standard) quality certification.
  • Acquired the UL2809 Ocean Plastic Content Certification.
  • Acquired the ISO 14067:2018 Carbon Footprint Certification.
  • Acquired ISO 14064-1:2018 Quantify and Report Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Removals Certification

Talent Cultivation

We always surpass ourselves both as a company and as individuals. The goal is to be 1% better today than we were yesterday

  • Education and Training

    We provide every employee with external training subsidy and also hire professional instructors to offer lessons on professional technology, managerial cultivation and other general subjects.

  • Consensus Camp

    We host consensus camps on a regular basis to foster solidarity and reach internal consensus. We broke down boundaries between departments and office misconceptions, so that our employees can have the chance to understand different points of view and learn to respect each other and develop empathy.

  • Project Management

    We provide individuals with the opportunities to be a project manager to master project planning skills and develop the ability to implement projects and meanwhile, they can cultivate the ability of cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental collaboration and communication.

  • We uphold the values for the Common Good and contribute to a Circular Economy through the Recycling of Nylon Materials